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We Still Have Mulch!

3/31/2014 by David Saunders

We still have MULCH!

If you are in need of mulch for your garden, please contact Dave Saunders today to reserve your bags of Black Platinum Mulch! The sale of all the mulch benifits the St. Anne's summer Navajoland Mission Trip.
Think Spring. Mulch your garden today!

Contact David Saunders at or call  ...

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From Our Bishop

9/9/2013 by Greg Cargill
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From our Bishop:

September 8, 2013

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As you live into the reality of your rector's departure, I want to assure you of my faith in and the strength of your ministry.  My prayers are with you as you say goodbye.  This is both an unnerving and wonderful time in the life of a congregation.  You have


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Oklahoma Disaster Relief

5/23/2013 by Jeff Bunke
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As many among us rejoice to greet spring commencements, yet others sorrow with the people of Oklahoma in the aftermath of the recent tragic tornado.

As always, the Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) has been on the ground beginning 24 hours after the incident. If so inclined, keep ERD among one of the possible routes (along with folks like ...

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God is for transforming lives, not keeping things settled

3/7/2013 by Jeff Bunke
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Church wellness and these times (and Church) are a-changing, calling ever more surely for entrepreneurial vs. chaplain-esque leadership. Entrepeneurial leaders continually are pushing forward, upon resistance reminding members that

"God is for servanthood, not satisfaction. God is for transforming lives, not keeping things settled. God is for ...

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Pride in Faith: Model or Stumbling Block?

5/26/2012 by Jeff Bunke
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A terrific blog starter from Luke:  I encounter a lot of people expressing pride in or downright boasting of their faith in Christ (this is quite common on Facebook, for instance). The whole concept of bragging about one's Christian faith seems a bit paradoxical to me. I'm not saying people should be ashamed or silent about their faith, but ...

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What Legacy Will Survive You?

11/30/2011 by The Rev. TJ Azar
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Hi, Folks!

I've uploaded some materials from the stewardship Adult Forum session titled "What Legacy Will Survive You?" Find the PowerPoint presentation and the quote from C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters in the "downloads" section of the Members Area of the website.

Following up on that presentation, here are two ...

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Less like families, more like stores?

10/20/2011 by Jeff Bunke
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This week I'm posting excerpts from an e-newsletter to jumpstart your thinking. Share your thoughts!

Less Like "Families," More Like "Stores"   By Tom Ehrich

We all know churches aren't stores, but they would be better off if they behaved more like stores and less like families. Here's what I ...

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Outreach Ministry Fair: Your Feedback?

10/12/2011 by The Rev. TJ Azar
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Last Sunday's Outreach Ministry Fair, which featured more than 20 local ministries with opportunities for volunteer service, was well supported and well attended! Thank you to the presenters--half of which were St. Anne's own parishioners--and to all the folks who make these events happen behind the scenes. At the risk of inadvertently leaving out ...

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Drinking from a Fire Hydrant

9/22/2011 by Jeff Bunke
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This fall we seem to be drinking from a fire hydrant in the parish office: a new parish management software program, a new website with vastly expanded capabilities and a new part-time "temp" secretary all coming on-line as a full and busy program year launches. There have been many moments of simply feeling overwhelmed by the volume of ...

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Adult Formation Begins Blog!

9/21/2011 by The Rev. TJ Azar
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Please join us at Sunday's Adult Forum! Betty Hakes will lead us on pilgrimage through our new website, including the new Adult Formation Blog!

See you there!

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Has the 'the earth moved' beneath your life?

8/25/2011 by Admin Admin
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The earth moved!

That's a phrase we use (or at least "used to") to describe moments of incredible power (and yes, there are lots of sub-texts).

Our mid-Atlantic region got a very real taste of the earth moving on Tuesday when a 5.8-magnitude quake shook the Richmond, VA & D.C. region. While not nearly so dramatic as recent ...

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Hankering for a bit of Christmas in July?

7/30/2011 by Admin Admin
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There's nothing like a record-breaking heat wave to have us "hankering" for a bit of Christmas in July. The holiday (at least here in the northlands) conjures images of cool snow-covered landscapes, softly twinkling lights and gatherings punctuated with delighted cries of surprise at gifts that tickle the recipients' fancy (and were ...

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Are you Fully Engaged?

6/10/2011 by Betty Hakes
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Has your washing machine ever "gone out of balance?" If so, you know about the angst that a wildly thumping, banging and bucking washing machine can produce - all over a simple unequal distribution of wet clothing in the drum when the spin cycle tried to begin.

Our lives are much like that washing machine - requiring attention to...

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The 3 P’s: Pentecost, Pilgrims and Piano – all on June 12th!

6/10/2011 by Admin Admin
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With a late Easter this year, the Feast of Pentecost is hanging out there in what feels like the midst of summer – on June 12th. Don’t forget to “wear red” (symbolizing the dancing of the flames of God’s Spirit) and be prepared for all manner of words and symbols re-presenting the gift(s) of the Holy Spirit.

Our ...

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