St. Anne's Vestry, under the leadership of the Wardens, represents various ministries within the parish and works to support the church's mission, visions, and goals.

Members of St. Anne's Vestry are:
Greg Cargill, Senior Warden | gcargill@cinci.rr.com
Charlie Martin Branch, Junior Warden, Communications Liaison | charlie.martinbranch@gmail.com
Ken Hamall, Financial Liaison, Treasurer | ken@hamall.us
Brad Hamant, Worship Liaison | bradhamant@gmail.com
Terry Harrison, Outreach & Pastoral Care Liaison | harrison7@msn.com
Jeff Leininger, Christian Formation Liaison, Secretary | mleininger1@cinci.rr.com
Kaitlyn Livingstone, Ministry Transition Liaison | kaitlyn.crossman@gmail.com
Sarah Meacham, Hospitality Liaison | sarahe32@gmail.com
Jeff Staats, Buildings & Grounds Liaison | jeric513@gmail.com

St. Anne's Staff:
The Rev. Joanna Leiserson, Interim Rector | rev.joanna.leiserson@fuse.net
The Rev. Barb Schmitt, Deacon | barbara_schmitt2003@yahoo.com
Kathy Kramer, Music Director | rkmkramer@yahoo.com
John Spain, Organist
Ruth Gattinella, Bookkeeper | bookkeeper@saintanne-wc.org
Tim Hedgren, Sexton | sexton@saintanne-wc.org
Juliette Stuard, Parish Secretary | stanne@fuse.net
Kim Briede, Nursery Coordinator

Committee Chairpersons:
Acolytes:                      Ron Hakes | Ronhakes@gmail.com 
Adult Forum:               Patty Cargill | gcargill@cinci.rr.com
Altar Guild:                  Cathy West | cvwest2013@gmail.com
ASP:                            Dan Hinger | dhinger@bna.com    
Chalice Bearers:         Ed Milbrada | edmilb@yahoo.com
Crafty Ladies               Frankie Croisant |  frankiecroisant@fuse.net            
Flower Memorials:      Frankie Croisant | frankiecroisant@fuse.net
Healing Ministry:         Brian Mickle | brian@mikkl.com
J2A / YAC:                    Lora Saunders  | DLSaundNC@aol.com
Kitchen Supervisor:     Pat Madyda | secamad@gmail.com
Grounds Care:             Jeff Staats |  jeric513@gmail.com
Lectors:                         Bill Pearce | labpearce@fuse.net 
Men's Book Club:        Bill Pearce | labpearce@fuse.net or  Rob Turley | rsturley@mac.com
Navajoland:                 David Saunders |  finz2dart@aol.com
Parish Health:             Terry Harrison | harrison7@msn.com
Stephen Ministry:        Susie Schmidt | elisusie@cinci.rr.com
Stepping Forward:      Kathy Tracy | katracy1995@yahoo.com
Church School:           Cindy Null |cnull@cinci.rr.com and Cindy Rushton | cruston@cinci.rr.com   
Ushers:                         Scott Lambert | svs12300@aol.com
Whiz Kids:                    Norm Ekberg | freedones@aol.com

     .... and many more! Complete list of over 40 committee chairs to be added soon!