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St. Anne's Vestry, under the leadership of the Wardens, represents various ministries within the parish and works to support the Church's mission, visions and goals.

Members of St. Anne's Vestry are:
Greg Cargill, Senior Warden |
Charlie Martin Branch, Junior Warden, Communications Liaison |
Ken Hamall, Treasurer |
Kaitlyn Crossman, Christian Formation Liaison |
Brad Hamant, Worship Liaison |
Terry Harrison, Outreach & Pastoral Care Liaison |
Jeff Leininger, Secretary, Ministry Transition  |
Sarah Meacham, Hospitality Liaison |
Jeff Staats, Buildings & Grounds Liaison |

St. Anne's Staff:
The Rev. Joanna Leiserson, Interim Rector|
The Rev. Barb Schmitt, Deacon |
The Rev. Carol Christian, Deacon |
The Rev. Jackie Williams, Deacon |
Kathy Kramer, Music Director |
John Spain, Organist
Ruth Gattinella, Bookkeeper |
Tim Hedgren, Sexton |
Juliette Stuard, Parish Secretary |
Kim Briede, Nursery Coordinator

Committee Chairpersons:
Acolytes:                    Ron Hakes | 
Adult Forum:               Patty Cargill |
Altar Guild:                 Cathy West |
ASP:                          Dan Hinger |    
Chalice Bearers:           Ed Milbrada                   
Flower Memorials:        Frankie Croisant |
J2A / YAC:                  Lora Saunders  |
Kitchen Supervisor:      Pat Madyda |
Lectors:                      Bill Pearce | 
Navajoland:                David Saunders |
Parish Health:             Terry Harrison |
Stephen Ministry:         Susie Schmidt |
Stepping Forward:       Kathy Tracy |
Sunday School:           Cindy Null | or Cindy Rushton |   
Upward Flag Football:   Jeff Rowe |
Ushers:                      Scott Lambert |
Whiz Kids:                  Norm Eckerg |

     .... and many more! Complete list of over 40 committee chairs to be added soon!