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Our Worship Services and Schedule

Our principal worship service is the Holy Eucharist, or as it is also known, “The Lord’s Supper,” “Holy Communion,” or “The Mass.” Our worship is “liturgical,” which means that the congregation follows the same service and prays from texts that don’t change very much from week to week during a season of the year. Our services follow the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer. If you’re familiar with the Roman Catholic liturgy, or the liturgy of any mainline Protestant Church (Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist), our liturgy will be somewhat familiar to you.

Holy Eucharist always has the same components. It begins with the Liturgy of the Word , which is praise of God through singing and prayers. It is followed by the Liturgy of the Table, when the priest blesses the bread and wine and offers it to the congregation, as the “gifts of God for the People of God.” The congregation then shares the bread and the wine.

Because we believe Eucharist is the sacred "gift of God for the people of God" all baptized Christians, regardless of age or denomination, are welcome at our table. Visitors who are not yet baptized Christians are welcome to pray with us, and come forward during communion to receive the blessing from a priest or deacon.

We are currently on our Regular Schedule:

The Holy Eucharist, Rite I ("thee and thy" language)
The liturgy tends to be quiet and includes a hymn at the end of the service.

Prayer & Praise Service (Band begins at 8:50am).
This service is a lively and uplifting musical experience that includes a traditional Holy Eucharist offering.

The Holy Eucharist, Rite II (common/"contemporary" language)
This liturgy is considered our "principal liturgy" with music selection drawn primarily from a wide range of traditional, multi-cultural and contemporary classical genres.