About Our Church

St. Anne is all about God's children. Kids of any and all ages - we all need hugs! Jesus' arms were opened wide "on the hard wood of the cross, that everyone might come within the reach of [his] saving embrace.”* 

Whether you've fallen down and “skinned your knees” in any way or are coming out of your skin with joy, we want you to know Jesus' love and his desire to gather you into his arms. At St. Anne, we try to welcome each person as God has delivered him or her to this day and encourage each to join us in our common journey toward wholeness.

The many facets of our parish life may have just the place for you: in the mystery of Jesus' presence in the Eucharist (known also as “Holy Communion” or the “Mass”), in the unadulterated joy of music soaring to the heavens, of free prayer and praise, in getting down and dirty with our youth, or in serving a meal to folks who have been living on the street - all are part of our life as extensions of Jesus' arms.

We'd love to share God's peace with you. Come and see!

* The Book of Common Prayer, third collect for mission, Morning Prayer, p. 101