Adult Forum & Enrichment

Adult Forum is a weekly adult education series that discusses topics and issues that effect the church and its members. You are invited to attend all session, or attend whenever the topics might interest you. The presentation/discussion will take place on Sundays 9:45 - 10:30 am in the Music/Media room in the basement of the Education Building. 

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Januray 19:  How will we spend God's money in 2014?  Parish budget overview
January 26:  Congregation annual meeting in the sanctuary

February 2 and 9:  God and Money
Talk about money at church, and it’s not even November?  Radical thought!  Let’s see what the Bible tells us about our personal financial life, through the words of Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University.  Wait, isn’t Dave Ramsey just for people who are drowning in consumer debt and struggling to pay their bills?  Actually, money questions can be tough in any financial situation, and FPU (not to mention our scriptures) can speak to us at any point in our Christian journey. 

February 16 and 23:  Theologies of Creation
Not only are there two creation narratives in Genesis (go ahead, read the first two chapters again), but there are multiple interpretations of how the biblical narrative and scientific understandings of the world’s origins can be reconciled with one another. This series will explore three primary understandings of creation.

Past Topics:

​January 5 and 12:  HisStory and Facts
When did HisStory become all about “facts?”  Approaches to Scripture: Throughout most of history, people have not made a clear distinction between reality and "myth," nor was there an insistence on history being "factual." These sessions will help us understand these differing perspectives, and explore the implications for our approach to the scriptures.
Part 1:  Just the facts, ma'am
Part 2:  What does this mean to me?

December 8 and 15:  In the Beginning to the 6-day War. The Hebrew Scriptures’ chronology is fascinating—and confusing. This whirlwind tour of the Old Testament’s timeline provides another way to look back at the Peoples of the Book and forward to both Approaches to Scripture and Theologies of Creation.
Part 1:  Archeological History of Israel
Part 2:  The Scriptural Story

November 10, 17, & 24:   God of Love:  Peoples of the Book
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have been referred to as “Abrahamic faiths” in that each can claim a direct lineage to Abraham. In these three weeks, we examine the three “Peoples of the Book,” raising questions such as: (1) how does your religious background influence your life and your beliefs?; (2) What stereotypes do you hold of Muslims, Christians, Jews, or anyone of any religion?; and (3) Are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all branches of one religion? We will introduce and use scriptural reasoning as a way to explore the three faiths and facilitate understanding.

Powerpoint from November 10 has links to two powerful videos.

Here is the Intro to Scriptural Reasoning - if you can, look this over before our session November 17.

October 27 & November 3:  “Some of my best friends are . . .”
We live in a richly diverse community – yet our lack of awareness of implications of that diversity can lead to painful (and often unintended) attitudes, words and actions that unwittingly encourage racism and stereotyping.  Local author (of a standard textbook on the subject as well as two novels springing from the topic – one soon to become a film) Gladys Gossett Hankins will join us.

Powerpoint from October 27

Here is the flyer for all the adult formation opportunities envisioned for this year.  Included is a weekly schedule of topics for Adult Forum.  For more info, contact Patty Cargill at